Aloe Vera, A Natural Beauty Gel

Aloe Vera, A Natural Beauty Gel

By Gaelle Lehrer Kennedy

Keep your skin smooth, healthy and glowing with a remarkable natural beauty gel. Everyday your skin goes under attack from sun, wind and environmental toxins. Using this gel and products made from it, protects your skin and heals past damage. Packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants, amino acids and minerals, it nourishes, protects and heals face and body. In fact, it is a natural cure for the skin, as well as offering major beauty benefits.

Aloe vera works wonders on dry skin by smoothing out rough areas and nourishing the skin cells. It naturally contains high levels of vitamin E. Vitamin E works on the skin surface to smooth out the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and scars for smoother, younger looking skin. Vitamin C, also found in high quantities in the gel of this plant, is a free radical fighting anti-oxidant that improves collagen production in the skin. Collagen is a structural protein that breaks down over time. By building up collagen levels, vitamin C helps plump up skin cells.

Amino acids work externally on the skin adding collagen-building proteins. The amino acid proteins smooth and protect moisture levels in the skin by bonding with the skin cells. Aloe vera has 18 different amino acids that improve the skin when used in topical applications.

Age spots and discoloration of skin pigment is an inevitable part of the aging process as your skin undergoes damage from free radials and UV radiation. This natural beauty gel naturally lightens dark areas on the skin.

You can also treat puffy eyes with aloe vera gel. In the morning, eyes can look puffy and swollen. Rub some of the gel around your eyes first thing. It’s natural anti-inflammatory properties get to work right away so you look fresh and awake when you head out the door.

It also heals damaged skin. Studies show that small wounds and cracks heal better when treated with it. Compounds in aloe vera fight fungal and bacterial infections while stimulating the healing process and encouraging the skin to rebuild in the damaged areas. And, as a natural anesthetic, it reduces pain at all stages in the healing process.

Keep healthy skin glowing and repair damaged skin with a daily application of aloe vera. Face cream and toner that contain it make it easy to add this natural healing gel to your daily skin care routine. Or use aloe gel straight from the plant. The leaves come packed with clear gel. Simply break off a stalk and squeeze the gel into your hands. That’s why I like to keep an aloe vera plant close at hand.

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