All Natural Bar Soap Soothes and Protects the Skin

All Natural Bar Soap Soothes and Protects the Skin

Detergent-Based Bar Soap | Why You Should Toss It!


Detergent-based bar soap can actually leave the skin feeling dry and itchy. People with already dry or sensitive skin are especially affected by the harsh chemicals used in a detergent bar soap. These chemicals strip the skin of its natural oils. There are a variety of soaps on the market that contain moisturizing ingredients, but the ingredients themselves can leave behind irritating by-products.

A 100% natural bar soap is a better way to cleanse and condition the skin. Soap made with 100% pure extra virgin olive oil soap is a great choice because the olive oil holds moisture on the skin by forming a thin, breathable layer of oil. This protective layer leaves skin soft and supple instead of itchy and dry. Natural bar soap should be gluten free, chemical free and non-animal tested. Naturally formulated bar soaps come in a variety of different blends and scents.

What About Goats Milk & Tea Tree Oil?

Natural goat milk soap is an excellent moisturizing cleanser. Even people with sensitivities to other forms of animal milk are usually able to benefit from the goat milk soap blend. A natural ingredient of goat milk soap is alpha-hydroxy acid. According to recent research, alpha-hydroxy acids help revitalize the skin for a younger and smoother look and feel. Goat milk soap helps balance the skin’s pH. Skin is able to fight off bacteria when it has a balanced pH.


Tea tree oil is another ingredient often used in natural soaps. This essential oil contains natural antiseptic properties and has been used throughout the ages for the treatment of various skin conditions. Natural tea tree oil soap not only moisturizes and soothes the skin, but also provides the added bonus of warding off potential skin problems. Studies have shown that tea tree oil is beneficial when used to manage acne and treat minor cuts and burns.

Toss That Detergent-Based Bar Soap!

Detergent-based bar soap is not healthy for the surface of the skin. It is important to maintain the skin’s natural pH in order to fight off germs and skin infections. A natural blend of bar soap ingredients can give the skin the added protection needed to keep it moisturized and free of bacteria. Natural ingredients such as 100% olive oil, goat milk and tea tree oil are the best defense against harsh chemicals.

Buying 100% natural bar soap is an investment in good skin health. Healthy looking skin gives a person a more youthful appearance. Purchasing chemical-free products is a step in the right direction to ward off the effects of premature aging. The sun, wind and toxic environment can take a toll on the skin’s ability to heal itself. Nurturing the skin with all natural ingredients can be your skin’s best defense against the forces of nature.

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