Fig – Smokva

fig_powderFig (Ficus carica) – Figs date back to the story of Adam and Eve, making their entrance in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves. Figs are also believed to have been the favorite fruit of Cleopatra, and they played a role in her suicide; having decided to take her life in 30 B.C.E. after Mark Antony’s death, Cleopatra asked that an asp be delivered to her, concealed in a basket of figs. The fig is native to Turkey, which remains the largest producer of the fruit followed by California.

Fig Fruit Powder, or fig powder, contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, and K. It is high in natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) properties which are thought to help refresh and brighten the skin. Ficin (also known as ficain), the enzyme in figs, is 20 times more powerful than papain (papaya enzyme). Fig powder does a great job of exfoliating the skin without irritation. Figs are rich in oils in both the skin and the seeds and they have some mild antioxidant properties, which may help reverse skin damage.

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