Fir Needle – Goranska Jela

fir_needleThe Silver Fir (Abies alba) is native to the mountains of Europe and is the only widespread species of fir in the region. You will find it from the Pyrenees north to Normandy, east to the Alps and the Carpathians, in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and south to southern Italy and northern Serbia. Enjoyed for its fragrant pine-like scent, it was used for the first Christmas trees, but has been largely replaced by other firs. It has a fresh, crisp scent and is high in d-limonene, a powerful antioxidant. Its antiseptic, antibacterial and analgesic properties make it helpful for use on wounds, cuts and burns, and it has a soothing effect on skin inflammation.. You can also use silver fir oil in your hair to reduce greasiness. Inhaling the essential oil also helps reduce anxiety and stress. Our oil comes from Gorski Kotar, the most wooded part of Croatia between Karlovac and Rijeka, and is extracted from the fir needles.

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