Olive Oil – Maslinovo Ulje

olive oil soapOlive oil is a great choice for grilling and marinating, for salad dressing and many other delicious uses. But it’s also wonderful for your skin!

Olive oil is a mono-unsaturated fat obtained from pressing wholes olives, which are native to the Mediterranean region. Production of olive oil may have originated as long ago as 4,000 BC. Egyptians used it along with beeswax as a cleanser, moisturizer, and antibacterial agent since the times of the Pharaohs. Olive oil contains several mono-unsaturated fatty acids that benefit skin, in particular linoleic acid, a compound not made by the body, but which prevents water from evaporating. So olive oil soap acts as a natural emollient; it moisturizes, soothes and softens skin. It’s a very mild oil, but can sometimes give soap a “sticky” feel. The natural squalene in the oil may help prevent skin cell deterioration. It may also have anti-inflammatory properties, making it soothing for sunburns, skin rashes, eczema and psoriasis. While you may be quite familiar with Italian, Greek and Spanish olive oils, Croatia produces equally superior olive oil and has used it for cooking, cosmetic and medicinal purposes for millennia.

The olive oil we use in our soaps is imported from Dalmatia, primarily the islands of Korčula and Šolta, and the Istrian peninsula, and you will find it in every bar.