Orange – Naranča

orange_in_soapSweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) essential oil comes from the peel of the fruit of a tropical evergreen tree indigenous to Brazil; however, it is widely cultivated in the Mediterranean and the USA. Because the oil is damaged by the heat used in steam distillation, it is cold pressed instead. While the aroma is bright and citrusy, it’s soothing rather than stimulating. Sweet orange oil is great for skin and is said to rejuvenate it and combat wrinkles.

Soap with sweet orange oil can reduce skin puffiness, moisturize skin to discourage wrinkling, enhance blood circulation, minimize blemishes and exfoliate the skin for a healthy tone and texture. Orange oil also combats acne and dermatitis. The distinct & lively aroma of sweet orange essential oil will significantly reduce anxiety and improve the mood.

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